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Which cancer
are you researching?

None of the 700+ studies listed here can substitute for consulting a

licensed naturopathic physician

And none can be expected to function as stand-alone, at-home treatment.

Our Mission:

To inform the public

of the existence and effectiveness

of natural treatments for cancer, 

because non-toxic cancer treatments have helped thousands of people to survive their cancers and to regain their strength.

Our mission is to bring to the public information from around the world on natural substances that are effective against cancer, now with over 700 studies cited on this website from peer-reviewed science-based medical journals, along with a brief introduction for each citation.


Our goal is to present this information in the most user-friendly way that we can, straightforward for even the first-time visitor, with our citations organized alphabetically by type of cancer. 


We aim to reach laypeople, physicians and scientists who choose to explore the medical literature regarding natural substances that have helped so many people to overcome their cancers.








* Hippocrates actually said to practice two things in dealing with disease:

Either help or do not harm the patient. 

730 studies, 2019.09.08, © NCS

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